How Do I Know If I Have Sleep Apnea?

How Do I Know If I Need Sleep Apnea Treatment? | Hudson

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association and sleep apnea doctors in Hudson, around 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. But most of the cases go untreated and ignored. It’s a common disorder where a person has difficulty in breathing, often choking repeatedly, while asleep. Often this occurs numerous times while sleeping, leading to disruption and lack of sleep.

In spite of this, many of the sufferers don’t realize they have sleep apnea. Hence, they don’t seek the required sleep apnea treatment in Niles. In our previous blog, we have explained when is the right time to visit a sleep clinic in Youngstown. Let us check out a few indications to notice and confirm sleep apnea, that would help in getting quick sleep apnea treatment in Girard!

4 Symptoms You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment in Hudson:

  1. Tired During Day:

    Are you noticing lower efficiency and energy recently? Are you feeling drowsy throughout the day? It’s highly probable that you aren’t having proper quality sleep. This is due to waking up multiple times to breathe at night. This sleep disruption can culminate in high blood pressure and heart issues. Sleep apnea treatment in Hudson is the solution!

  2. Making Noises While Sleeping:

    Snoring is a common indication of sleep apnea, although not a confirmation. Apart from snoring, other noises include gasping, snorting etc. which are common symptoms for breathing difficulties. For a detailed opinion, you must visit an apnea specialist in Hubbard like Dr. Charles R. Verbanic.

  3. Restlessness:

    Sudden and irregular movements in sleep, like jerking of legs, kicking, tossing and turning etc. might be symptoms of struggle during sleep. Breathlessness leads to such movements, which points to sleep apnea! If you sleep with someone, you might ask that person for a better understanding. Sleep medicine in Girard will minimize such restlessness while asleep.

  4. Morning Headaches:

    Irregular breathing at night might lead to CO2 build up in the brain, which causes headaches and other problems. Dry mouths and sore throats are symptoms often observed with such headaches. If this persists for long, one shall have a tough time leading a normal life. Better to visit a sleep clinic in Hudson.


Are you troubled by these symptoms? If yes, it might be the appropriate time to seek sleep apnea treatment in Youngstown! Neglected sleep apnea often leads to dangerous diseases such as diabetes, stroke, headache etc. Dr. Charles R. Verbanic is one of the finest sleep apnea doctors in Youngstown practicing at Sleep Easy Dental Spa. For more information visit our website or dial us at (330) 759-4550 to consult Dr. Charles R. Verbanic. Avail the best sleep dentistry Niles at Sleep Easy Dental Spa.

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