6 Myths About Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Risks

6 Myths About Sleep Apnea Symptoms & Risks | Niles | Hudson

Sleep apnea is a condition which leads the sufferer to stop breathing during the night while sleeping. Snoring, coughing, and struggling for oxygen are common symptoms as the person's body attempts to reopen the clogged airway. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incorrect information about sleep apnea on the internet. In our previous blog, we have explained 4 symptoms you need sleep apnea treatment in Hudson. However, we have compiled a list of six misconceptions surrounding sleep apnea for you to be aware of.

6 Myths to Know About Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Risks in Niles:

  1. Anyone Who Snores Suffers From Sleep Apnea:

    While snoring is one of the indications of sleep apnea, it's not that all snorers are affected by it. Mild snoring or snoring induced by sinus problems or other medical conditions does not indicate sleep apnea or sleep effect in Hudson.

  2. Sleep Apnea Mainly Affects the Elderly:

    Although sleep apnea is much more frequent in those over the age of forty, anybody suffering from a sleep condition can be treated. Obesity, family background, and medical history can all raise the probability of being diagnosed with sleep apnea by recognized sleep apnea doctors in Hudson.

  3. Sleep Apnea is Not a Serious Health Risk:

    It's a prevalent misperception that sleep apnea is just related to snoring. When a person has unresolved sleep apnea, they not only feel weary and exhausted during the day, but they also increase their chance of developing health problems such as heart issues, stroke, diabetes etc. Opting for a sleep study near you in Hudson is the ideal solution to prevent these issues.

  4. Sleep Apnea Does Not Occur in Children:

    Children, like adults, suffer from sleep apnea. Sadly, in youngsters, it is frequently neglected or its signs are misinterpreted. Better consult a specialist at reputed sleep dentistry in Niles. Sleep apnea may and can occur in children. In fact, almost 33% of obese children are impacted.

  5. Sleep Apnea Affects Males Alone:

    Though males are more likely than women to acquire sleep apnea, women can also suffer from this breathing problem. Especially as a result of menopause, according to sleep apnea specialist in Niles.

  6. Instant Cures & Temporary Apnea Treatments Are Available:

    The fact is that there are no fast solutions or short-term therapies for sleep apnea. According to experts at a sleep center in Hudson, therapy is often long-term. You must commit to it for the remainder of your life in order to successfully manage the illness.

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