Five Indications Conveying That You Have Sleep Apnea

Five Indications Conveying That You Have Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most common breathing disorders that makes your breathing shallow or stop as you sleep. Though there are various types, obstructive sleep apnea is diagnosed mostly. Central sleep apnea and complex sleep apnea are two other types of sleep apnea. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 long-term effects of OSA & sleep apnea treatment in Hudson. However, If you have any signs of sleep apnea Niles, waste no time further and contact any of the sleep apnea doctors Niles immediately.

Understanding Sleep Apnea:

It is a disorder associated with sleep that bothers an individual's breathing. It occurs when soft tissues inside the throat collapse and obstruct the airway. The brain does not send the signal to chest muscles that control breathing. It is a very serious disease.

Serious Threat:

Sleep apnea doctors call it life-threatening. It could culminate in increased blood pressure and will trigger heart ailments. If you have any of the sleep apnea symptoms in Girard, an early appointment with any sleep apnea doctors can make all the difference. A doctor will diagnose you for any signs of sleep apnea. The sleep doctor will advise you to take up treatments or lifestyle changes.

5 Reasons You Need To Visit Sleep Apnea Doctors in Youngstown:

Consult a sleep center in Youngstown right away if you are displaying the following symptoms.

  1. Snoring:

    It is very common if you have sleep apnea. It occurs when airways get blocked. When air moves between these collapsed muscles, it causes the snoring sound.

  2. Morning Headaches:

    If you have a headache after waking up in the morning, it is possibly due to an interruption in breathing throughout the night. Dry mouth and throat pain accompanied by a morning headache is a sign of sleep apnea.

  3. Gasping During Sleep:

    Gasping during sleep is a severe indication of sleep apnea symptoms in Niles. Some episodes of gasping may interrupt your sleep and you wake up gasping for air.

  4. Constant Fatigue:

    A person with sleep apnea will have breathing interruptions during the sleep numerous times. Hence, this results in poor quality sleep and makes you feel tired the next day.

  5. Mood Fluctuations:

    A night of quality sleep is important for the body to recover and feel fresh the next day. If you have sleep apnea, your quality of sleep is affected resulting in mood fluctuations.

Appropriate Time to Consult a Sleep Apnea Doctor in Youngstown:

Consult a sleep care solutions in Niles if you have observed the following symptoms:

  1. Gasping for air
  2. Extremely loud snoring
  3. Breathing involving long pauses
  4. Feeling sleepy throughout the day or
  5. Episodes of sudden sleeps in a day


If you have any of the above-mentioned signs of sleep apnea in Hubbard, contact any sleep apnea doctors immediately. Dr. Charles R. Verbanic, who leads the Sleep Easy Dental Spa, is an expert in treating patients having sleep apnea and the finest choice.

Our sleep apnea doctors in Youngstown, Dr. Charles R. Verbanic serves the following regions: Youngstown, Austintown, Hudson, Girard, Hubbard, Niles, and Liberty Township. Book an appointment today by browsing through our website of Sleep Easy Dental Spa or call us at (330) 759-4550.

Think you could benefit from a better night's sleep? Complete our Sleep Screening Questionnaire to learn more about your symptoms and to get in contact with our medical staff.



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